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18 Jul 2018

Call on all your options when buying rural land

Rural land has always been attractive to property developers and with recent changes in planning policy interest has increased.

02 Jul 2018

Employer’s guide to self-employed status following the Supreme Court decision in Pimlico Plumbers

If you use self-employed contractors to deliver services for your business, then you need to familiarise yourself with the Supreme Court’s decision in the Pimlico Plumbers case.

22 Jun 2018

Top tips for employee references

In this article Gill Wilkinson, employment law solicitor at Pearsons & Ward in Malton clarifies whether you have to give a reference, your liability as an employer, what you can and cannot say and what to do when requesting a reference.

21 Jun 2018

New development rights welcomed

In this article Philip Taylor, Licensed Conveyancer with Pearsons & Ward Solicitors in Malton, North Yorkshire, explains the effect of these changes, which came into force on 6 April 2018, and the opportunity they present for farmers looking to develop redundant agricultural property.

04 Jun 2018

Age discrimination in the workplace

In this article, Gill Wilkinson, employment lawyer at Ware & Kay in York & Wetherby, outlines the main provisions of the law on age discrimination, contained in the Equality Act 2010, and explains the steps you, as an employer, can take to avoid falling foul of the rules.

16 May 2018

Breathing fresh life into derelict buildings

Traditional farm buildings are an important part of the English landscape, but an increasing number lie abandoned and derelict because advances in agricultural practice have rendered them redundant.

08 May 2018

Using settlement agreements to resolve employment issues

Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts in which one person, usually an employee, agrees to waive their rights to bring a claim in the employment tribunal or a court in return for another person, typically their employer, agreeing to do something, such as paying them a sum of money and agreeing to give them a reference.

01 May 2018

We team up with Martin House for Make A Will during May

Leave your legacy to help us continue ours.

24 Apr 2018

Proud to Sponsor Helmsley’s first Town Crier Competition

We are proud to sponsor Helmsley's first town crier competition which has attracted international competitors.

18 Apr 2018

Marrying things up to help your farm survive

Remarrying when you own or rent a farm can raise a number of issues that need to be addressed, particularly if your longer-term plan is to pass the farm onto your children or someone else within your immediate family.

21 Mar 2018

Digging into issues of buying & selling land

Buying and selling agricultural land can be complex because of the wide range of matters that need to be considered.

15 Mar 2018

Saint Catherine's Hospice Make a Will Week 23 April to 27 April, 2018

Pearsons & Ward are delighted to support the Saint Catherine’s Hospice Make a Will Week.

02 Mar 2018

Developments in employment law and changes expected in April 2018

There have been some significant cases in employment law recently, with further developments expected this year as several ongoing cases work their way through the appeals system. There are also increases to pay rates and new rules on tax and national insurance contributions due to come into effect in April.

22 Feb 2018

Making a decision to leave a marriage is the hardest thing someone may ever do

Talk to our expert...

21 Feb 2018

Helping you find your way around access rights

The English countryside has thousands of farm tracks providing access not just for landowners but also neighbouring properties and members of the public.

19 Feb 2018

Malton & Norton victorious

Malton & Norton were victorious against Bradford & Bingley on Saturday 17 February

12 Feb 2018

Pearsons & Ward Solicitors supports Malton & Norton Rugby Union Club

Leading law firm Pearsons & Ward Solicitors, is proud to be supporting local rugby club Malton & Norton RUFC by sponsoring the home match against Bradford & Bingley on Saturday 17th February, kick-off 2.15pm.

07 Feb 2018

How to reduce sickness absence at work

The average British worker takes 4.4 days’ sickness absence every year and minor illnesses such as coughs and colds are often cited as the reason. However, more days are lost on average to more serious complaints such as back, neck and muscle pain.

22 Jan 2018

What you need to know about employing foreign nationals or helping a foreign national to set up business in the UK

Many businesses rely on foreign nationals to fill skills shortages in the UK and to help get new ventures off the ground.

17 Jan 2018

It’s “all change” for farming post-Brexit

On the 4th January 2018 Michael Gove gave a speech which outlined what he sees as the major changes and challenges for the way in which the Government will support farmers going forward post Brexit when the Common Agricultural Policy will no longer apply to us. Whilst nothing is set in stone, this is the first official statement confirming the direction the Government look set to take.

20 Dec 2017

Farm diversification: golden goose or Christmas turkey?

In the run-up to Christmas every penny counts, particularly if you are one of the many farming families in the UK currently struggling to stay afloat. Times are hard, but rather than admitting defeat an increasing number of farmers are turning to diversification to provide them with a financial lifeline.

05 Dec 2017

Christmas and New Year opening times

All the staff at Pearsons & Ward Solicitors would like to wish you a Happy Christmas!

01 Dec 2017

Agree Christmas arrangements for children now

Christmas is a magical time of the year for children. There is the anticipation of the presents they may receive, the relief of having a few weeks off school and the excitement of seeing friends and family.

29 Nov 2017

Top tips around Lasting Powers of Attorney

Plan early, choose carefully...

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