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Child Law

Child Law Solicitors Malton, York & Wetherby 

If you are going through a divorce or separation, you'll need to put arrangements in place that are fair to all parties and cause as little disruption for your children as possible. Our child law solicitors can help you achieve consensus without having to go through stressful and costly court proceedings. We can provide representation to all family members on a comprehensive range of issues relating to children.

What does 'making child arrangements' mean?

When your relationship ends, you'll need to make plans for where your children will stay and how they will have contact with both parents now that you and your ex-spouse are no longer living together. This is known as making child arrangements. Child arrangements can be an informal agreement between the parents. However, it can be helpful to write them down to avoid confusion and to disputes arising. This is known as making a parenting plan.

How can I make arrangements for my children after divorce?

The best option for making child arrangements will depend on your circumstances. There are typically four options for reaching an agreement with your ex-spouse or partner:

  • Coming to an agreement yourselves
  • Using family mediation 
  • Appointing a solicitor to negotiate on your behalf
  • Apply to the court – this is the last resort if you can't come to an agreement

Coming to an agreement yourselves

This is often the best option for divorcing couples, but you might still want to consider getting legal advice. You might be able to agree on the majority of the arrangements, but not on others. A solicitor can advise you on what the court would consider a reasonable agreement in the circumstances. They will also be able to identify issues that you and your ex might not have thought about.

Using family mediation

This involves you and your partner meeting with a trained mediator to help you focus and sort out the key issues. The mediator won't take anyone's side – their role is simply to assist the discussions. Mediation allows you to find a positive solution without resorting to more confrontational methods. Our family law department can provide mediation services to help you and your partner to communicate both now and in the future.

Instructing a solicitor

If you are unable to reach an agreement yourselves, you can instruct a solicitor can negotiate on your behalf. Having the support of a family lawyer can help you resolve all matters relating to your divorce quickly, including child arrangements, without having to go to court.

Who will pay child maintenance after a divorce?

After a divorce or separation, the parent with the highest income can be asked to make maintenance payments to the lower or non-earning partner. Whether or not one party will be asked to make maintenance payments will depend on your circumstances.

Similarly, the length of time maintenance payments will be made will depend on the circumstances. This might be until your children have grown up, the non-earning parent enters employment, or longer.

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