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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Malton, North Yorkshire

At Pearsons & Ward, we will provide you with honest and clear advice so that you understand the options available to you. and Our team can assist you to will help make a decision on the best course of action for your own situation.

Expert litigation services - solving your disputes

Our specialist services include dealing with:

How can we help solve your legal dispute?

At Pearson & Ward, we acknowledge that in some situations court proceedings are unavoidable depending on your situation, however, we will be able to advise where a trial may be necessary for you. Where a trial can be avoided we will aim to find a suitable Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism that is in your best interests. Many people are not aware that they do not have to go to court to resolve a legal matter. There are different techniques and methods of settling disputes outside of court called Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR).

Why Alternative Dispute Resolution?

As a result of the rise in Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms, many cases avoid going to trial. This has ultimately led to the parties involved coming to a happy medium outside of court, ending disputes quicker. The main benefits of this are that costs are kept to a minimum, and in many cases, the process is less hostile and more amicable.

We believe that Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms are a good way of resolving conflicts where possible. Usually, alternative methods of dispute resolution are better for parties as often trials can result in lengthy proceedings and can cause more stress and financial burdens for those involved.

What are the types of Alternative Dispute Resolution?


This is a method of coming to an agreement and negotiating terms that are agreeable and in the interests of both parties.


An independent mediator assists the parties involved in the dispute to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.


An independent third party looks at the facts of the case and decides what the outcome should be, which is usually binding. Arbitration is similar to an informal trial.

Expert determination

This is where an independent expert on the subject that is being disputed is instructed to decide on the case.

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