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Presumption of Death

Presumption of Death Act 2013

When a person dies the next of kin can obtain probate (if there is a Will) or letters of administration (if not) on production of the death certificate.  A death certificate can only be provided if two doctors are satisfied if the deceased person died from an identified cause.  However if a person goes missing, even if the disappearance strongly suggests they have died the fact that a death certificate cannot be issued leaves the missing person’s affairs unresolved.

On 1 October 2014, the first important piece of legislation for families of missing people created a procedure to obtain a declaration from the court that for legal purposes a person is considered to be dead.  Such declaration enables relatives or persons with sufficient interest to deal with property and end a marriage or civil partnership. Our Specialist Missing Person’s Team are available to advise and assist our clients through the process of applying to the High Court for a Presumption of Death certificate and administration of the estate thereafter.

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