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Remortgaging Lawyers, Malton, York & Wetherby

Our solicitors regularly help clients to remortgage their homes and buy to let properties. We have exceptional experience and can guide you through the process. Many of our clients have experienced a change in circumstances which means they need to remortgage, but we also help people who simply want a better deal.

When you work with Pearsons & Ward, our solicitors will work in partnership with your bank, building society or mortgage lender to make your remortgage seamless. If you are looking to remortgage, get in contact with our team to discuss how we can help you. Call us today on 01653 692247 (Malton), 01904 716000 (York), 01937 583210 (Wetherby), or complete our online enquiry form and we will be in touch right away to arrange an appointment.

Should I remortgage?

There are many reasons why people choose to remortgage. Changes in circumstance as well as to save money in the long term are the most common examples. Whether remortgaging is right for you will depend on several factors, as well as your specific circumstances.

Finding a better deal

Where your current fixed-rate deal is ending, you may wish to find a more favourable deal. Similarly, if you are on a variable rate, you may no longer be on the best deal for you. If you can, it is likely you will want to find and switch to a better rate.


While many favour getting the best deal, it may be that you need greater flexibility in your mortgage arrangements. For example, you might wish to take a payment break or to overpay and pay off the loan quicker.

How do I remortgage?

The first step to remortgaging is to find the best deal and get in touch with an experienced solicitor. When you contact us, we will explain the process to you, being mindful of your specific circumstances.  Your mortgage lender will make you a remortgage offer and set out specific legal requirements. It is the responsibility of your solicitor to ensure these requirements are met.

Your chosen solicitor must also check the title of the property and obtain any copies of the title that may be required. During the process, your lawyer will also carry out relevant searches on the property such as mining, access rights and other legal matters which may affect the title. 

Once these steps have been completed, your lawyer will prepare the deeds for you to sign and then register the remortgage with the Land Registry.

Contact our Remortgaging Lawyers in Yorkshire

The residential property team at Pearsons & Ward provides clear and practical legal advice. Whether you are remortgaging for the first time or you are an experienced property investor, our specialist lawyers will guide you through each stage of the remortgaging process. We routinely advise clients based all over Yorkshire. Pearsons & Ward solicitors can assist you with your property transaction.

To discuss remortgaging with our team, or to speak to us about another conveyancing transaction, call us today on 01653 692247 (Malton), 01904 716000 (York), 01937 583210 (Wetherby), or fill out our online conveyancing quote form.