Pearsons & Ward staff have become Dementia Friends

Pearsons & Ward has supported training 14 members of staff to become Dementia Friends, in support of an Alzheimer's Society initiative.

There are more than 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK today (March 2018 statistics - Alzheimer's Research UK), representing 1.3% of the UK population. The number of people with Dementia is expected to grow rapidly and by 2051 it is projected to exceed 2 million. 

Pearsons & Ward is very keen to encourage all staff to develop the necessary skills to engage and work with those affected by dementia together with their relatives and carers. The interactive Dementia Friends session was led by Dementia Friends Champion Fiona Gilbert, a volunteer for Dementia Friends. The session enabled staff to learn about what dementia is, how it affects those living with it and, consequently, how best they can help.

Fiona Gilbert commented, “I enjoyed the Dementia Friends session with the enthusiastic members of the Pearsons & Ward team and was delighted to help expand the Dementia Friendly community in Malton”.

Emma Elwess, Director at Pearsons & Ward said “Our awareness training has highlighted that there are over 200 types of dementia of which Alzheimers is the most commonly known. Many people also fail to recognise the 700,000 carers who support their loved ones, a figure that is set to rise in the coming years. Many of us have a friend or loved one who is living with dementia, or who is caring for someone with dementia, and attending the training helped us understand the different ways dementia can affect someone. The number of residents living in the Malton area with dementia is increasing and we are advising more and more clients with dementia related issues. We are very proud to be part of the Dementia Friendly movement and hope to be instrumental in motivating other businesses to become aware of the issues involved. We pride ourselves in offering a sensitive, personal yet professional service to all our clients and this training will prove invaluable to the assistance we are able to provide to those living with dementia and the families that care for them”.

The firm's York & Wetherby offices have also been trained as Dementia Friends.