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Financial Advice

Independent Financial Advisers in Malton

We offer financial advice through Ware & Kay Financial Services Ltd, which is our separate Independent Financial Advice firm.

Before providing advice, we will assess your personal financial circumstances and your objectives.  We review any existing investments or insurance you have and make recommendations for improvements or cost savings.  If new financial products are required, we would select those most suitable for you from the whole of the market.

Our Independent Financial Adviser

Owen Thomas is our independent financial adviser with years of experience advising individuals, families, businesses and trustees.

Ware & Kay Financial Services Ltd has been awarded the Chartered Firm status by the Chartered Insurance Institute demonstrating our commitment to an overall standard of excellence and professionalism in all our dealings with clients.

Owen has expertise in all areas of financial planning and offers the highest standard of advice.

Services Available

Our areas of expertise include:

Inheritance Tax planning - An increasing number of people are being drawn into the Inheritance Tax net because the starting point for the tax has not kept up with inflation.  However, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the potential tax bill by making the best use of available reliefs and exemptions.

Investment planning - Conditions continue to be difficult for many investors, with very low interest rates and volatile investment markets.  We can help you make the most of your savings by arranging a suitable mix of investments and deposit accounts to reflect your objectives, your agreed risk profile and your tax position.

Pension planning - The government incessantly changes the rules applying to pensions.  Some of the tax benefits have recently been tightened up whilst at the same time greater freedom to access their accumulated pension pots.  We can help you to make the right decisions so that you have the best prospect of a comfortable retirement.

Long-term care planning - Arranging finance for later-life care is an area where we have particular expertise.  We can guide you through the complexities of investment, tax and local authority rules, including the changes being introduced by the Care Act 2014.

Life and health insurance - We can provide cost-effective, individually tailored solutions to protect you or your family in the event of illness or death. Life insurance, in particular, is often cheap to arrange and can offer peace of mind for a small monthly outlay.

Equity release - Raising cash by releasing equity from your home is usually seen as a last resort but it can be a useful tool where other options are limited. Releasing equity is essentially a once and for all decision so it is important that you understand all the implications and select the right plan.

Employee, partner and shareholder protection - You can protect your business against the death or ill-health of key participants, making it easier to bring in new people and rearrange ownership.

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    An initial meeting is free of charge and can be held at our offices or at your home. During this meeting, we will discuss our fees and provide you with a copy of our client agreement which explains our services and costs. Following the initial meeting, we will issue an engagement letter which confirms the services we are to provide and the fees involved.

    The Value of Advice

    The whole point of taking financial advice is to get back more than you put in but how do you measure the net benefits of seeing a financial adviser? How do the rewards weigh up against the costs? We call this The Value of Advice.

    There are many different kinds of value.

    The value that comes from financial advice may take numerous different forms, including:

    Return on investment - Getting back more money than you invested, including the cost of the advice

    Future security - Ensuring you will have enough income in later life (e.g. pension planning)

    Peace of mind - Knowing you have made the best practical choices and obtained the best deals the market has to offer you

    Protection - Making sure you and your family have safeguards in place against unfortunate circumstances (e.g. illness, job loss, premature death)

    Achieving goals - Overcoming challenges and reaching milestones (e.g. finding the right mortgage for your dream home)

    Avoiding mistakes - Reducing the risk of making financial decisions you regret, or falling victim to fraud

    Opportunities - Discovering new and unexpected ways to make your money work harder for you

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