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Does your Will reflect your current circumstances?

If you don't have a Will, or have not reviewed it for while, we would strongly recommend that you do have a Will drawn up for the following reasons:

Many people who do not make a Will believe that assets will go to their nearest and dearest. Sadly, this is not always the case.

If you do have a Will but have not reviewed it for a while, it is important that you do take a look at your Will to ensure that it still correctly reflects your wishes and also takes account of any changes in your circumstances.  For example:

  • Changes in family or financial¬†circumstances - e.g. divorce, re-marriage, additional dependents, inheritance etc
  • The age or death of a beneficiary or an executor
  • The need to plan for future circumstances - e.g. tax planning, minimising nursing home fees etc

If, having considered the above, you wish to make or renew your Will, please contact us.  We can offer:

  • A fixed price for making your Will at a competitive rate
  • FREE Will storage
  • Wealth of experience in preparing Wills

Writing a Will Solicitors Malton, York & Wetherby

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