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The Supreme Court recently reviewed the law on relationship breakdown for couples who live together.

Currently the law does not give the same rights and protections enjoyed by married/civil partnership couples to unmarried couples who choose to live together as a family unit.

This has led to great financial injustice in many cases. Under the current law it is possible to live with someone for decades and not be left with anything when the relationship breaks down. There is no legal right to a partner's pension by way of a pension sharing order available upon divorce of a married couple.

Cohabiting couple families remain the fastest growing family type in the UK continuing the trend between 1996 and 2016, more than doubling during that time to 3.3 million families. One in eight adults is now cohabiting.

We can help NOW to put your financial living arrangements in order by protecting your rights.

We can offer cohabitation agreements, advice upon Declarations of Trust to protect property ownership and make wills to reduce the risk of unfairness upon those who separate or who are left bereaved.

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