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Repossession of Residential Property

Repossession of Residential Property Solicitors Malton, Wetherby & York

You may need to repossess a property if you are owed mortgage or rental money, or perhaps you need to sell the property and cannot get access.

How can I gain repossession of a residential property?

There are several routes you can take:

  • Try to resolve the situation through mediation or without going to court first
  • Serve a notice of seeking or requiring repossession
  • Make a repossession claim
  • Go through a repossession hearing
  • Apply for a warrant of repossession

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When may I need to gain repossession of my residential property?


You may find that you have tenants who are not paying rent or rent has built up in arrears. Sometimes it is beneficial to try speaking with your tenants before taking legal action, but we know this can not always be possible. Tenants may be engaging in anti-social behaviour, which is disrupting the neighbours or damaging the property. It is important that any action you take does not put yourself in danger. 

We are able to assist with all concerns relating to tenants. 

Other occupiers

Occupiers with permission to be on your property will need to be given sufficient notice when you need to evict them. 

We can also assist with all concerns relating to other occupiers that do not have permission  to be there, like trespassers and squatters. These occupiers may enter your property when you are not there which can be a very traumatic situation. 

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We suggest that you seek advice as early as possible to ensure that you have options available.  

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